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Mt Tabor at Dawn
A New Model in Framing:
Preserving Art + The Environment

At Green House Framing, we believe that art should be preserved with respect to the environment, not at the cost of it. We also believe that the framing is just as important as the artwork. When a frame is handcrafted from wood by artisans, it becomes a work of art. We only use reclaimed wood for our mouldings. This is a valuable resource that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Reclaimed wood also has a unique history and beauty that cannot be found in any other frame.

Virgin and composite woods, plastics, and metals are the current offerings in frame and retail shops. Mass produced in factories, these frames and mouldings have not been made with concern for labor conditions or the planet. A picture frame may seem like a small thing, but it matters. It matters to us that our livelihood doesn’t cause harm to people, animals, or the planet.

Our business model operates completely outside of current industry standards. We have established our own guidelines for operating an environmentally conscious frame shop. Our goal has always been to preserve art while preserving the environment. We handcraft all of our own wood mouldings from reclaimed species that we source locally and hand finish with natural stains. Every material and process has been chosen for its low impact on the environment. Our business operations have been 100% green and sustainable since we launched in 2002. Visit materials and environmental commitment to learn more.


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